Fur Testing

SRI does not offer support for allergen testing.

SRI does not recommend using this test on kittens younger than six months. The error rates exceed 40%.

These are the original methods developed for study of Siberians and allergies in 2005. Between 10 and 20 percent of tests performed with this method will have severe errors.  

KittenTesting.com offers a test that is more accurate and safer. 


Complete the Indoor Biotechnologies Analysis Form


Obtain Fur Samples

Fur testing should not be used on cats that have been bathed within 2-4 weeks.

1. Write the Sample ID# on piece of paper and place inside a labeled Ziploc bag.
2. The cat must not have been bathed within two weeks of testing.
3. Total sample volume must exceed 1 teaspoon of fine fur.
4. Review the below photos illustrating the area of fur to be tested.
5. Shave and discard the overcoat from a two inch area - leave over 1" of fur next to skin.
6. Shave the same area close to the skin, but do not cut the skin. SAVE this fur for your sample.
7. Place the fur sample in a small Ziploc bag with the sample number.
8. Verify that sample numbers on the form matches the bags.
9. Mail samples to Indoor Biotechnologies with a check.

Submitting Samples: Cost $50 for each test
1. Write a check to Indoor Biotechnologies for your samples.
2. Insert the Analysis Request Form, Fur Sample and your Check in an envelope.
3. Ship envelopes to Indoor Biotechnologies by 2nd day mail or FedEx.

Indoor Biotechnologies
1216 Harris Street,
Charlottesville, VA 22903



Discussion on Fur Sampling:

A small trimmer with fine teeth works best for trimming fine undercoat.  The Wahl “Pocket Pro Trimmer” and Oster “Pro Cord/Cordless” both work well. Trimmers cost about $15 and can be obtained online from most pet supplies. The following photographs illustrate how to remove the overcoat and obtain samples from the undercoat of the shoulder area.  Do not cut too close, leave 1/2” of fur.

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