Saliva Testing

SRI does not offer support for allergen testing.

SRI does not recommend using this test on kittens younger than six months. The error rates exceed 40%.

These are the original methods developed for study of Siberians and allergies in 2005. Between 20 and 40 percent of tests performed with this method will have severe errors.  A minimum of three tests per cat should be performed. offers a test that is more accurate and safer. 

This page covers the information you will need for allergen testing saliva samples.  Print both this page and the completed Form (see link) before taking samples. It is well documented that any cat that panics, is on medications, or where the test is not properly performed may show higher levels of salivary Fel d 2.  If the results are not consistent with prior tests, or you have other reasons to question the results, 
we strongly recommend retesting prior to neutering.


Complete the Indoor Biotechnologies Analysis Form using this link.

Obtain Saliva Samples

  1. Salivation must be induced to obtain sufficient volume for sampling.
  2. Label vials matching the number/name listed on the Analysis form.
  3. Do not allow the cat to eat for 30 minutes prior to leaving to the veterinarian or taking the saliva samples.
  4. Use a bittering agent such as Sulfa or Metranitazole, or Drontil to cause salivation.

         Do not give the cat a pill. Only use enough crushed powder for them to taste the drug.

  1. Crush ¼ tablet and place a small pinch of the powder inside the right cheek. Put one or two drops of water on the powder in the cheek for the cat to taste the drug.
  2. Allow the cat to drool into a vial, or draw saliva from the left cheek of the cat. (Sample volume is about one teaspoon) Salivation may take several minutes.
  3. Place the saliva sample in a .5 - 2.0 ml sealed plastic vial
  4. Verify the vial is properly labeled and matches the number on the sample form.
  5. Freeze the sample vial if the sample is not shipped promptly.

Submitting Samples (U.S. / Canada) - Cost $50 for each test

  1. Place the envelope and vials of saliva in a sturdy mailer.
  2. Do not include ice or ice packs with your sample - it is not needed.
  3. Ship to Indoor Biotechnologies.

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