Hereditary cancer have been documented in a number of solid white Siberians in the US and Europe.  The type of the cancer is quite varied, and the genetic defect causing it is unknown. Only the SOLID white cats from each litter are affected.

Solid white Siberians descended from "Gesha Olenya Krasa" and "Dolka Olenya Krasa" have a high risk of developing cancer at some point in their life.  There are  few solid white Siberians, but they are quite stunning.  These were most likely from an outcross made to develop dominant white in the Siberian.

Cats in each generation and many different countries have been diagnosed or died from cancer.  However, at the date of this notation, ALL solid Siberians are thought to carry an oncogene in the Kit Ligand region (gene causing organ cancers).

Because the Siberian breed is quite young, reporting and monitoring of genetic disease is lower than more established breeds.  Hereditary cancers are found in many breeds, and most likely are found in other lines in the Siberian.  As these cats were solid white, it was easier to monitor health across several generations.

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