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Mar 2010 ~ Concerns Raised about Siberian PKD Tests 
The Associazione Gatto Siberiano has raised a concern regarding a new line of Siberian PKD.  Gregory's Siberian Petra and Penelope  have presented with PKD, which has been confirmed by ultrasound and other tests. DNA tests in Italy were positive for PKD, but were negative at UC Davis.  Dr. Leslie Lyons is sequencing the entire gene of Petra for mutations.  Variations between the tests account for the difference. At this  that cats from this line should be tested by sonograms.

Nov 2009 ~ Results of the WSU Siberian HCM Study
Winn Feline has released formal results from the Washington State study of Siberian HCM.  No mutation was found in genes known to cause HCM.  None of the samples were positive for the known Maine Coon or Ragdoll HCM.  Siberian Research would like to thank Dr. Kathryn Meurs for efforts.  

Jan 2009 ~ UC Davis Siberian HCM Study
A major search for genes that cause Siberian HCM has begun at UC Davis.  DNA swabs from HCM positive Siberians and close relatives are needed for this study. 

June 2008 ~ Siberian HCM Case Listing
An open listing of Siberians diagnosed with was added to SRI website. All of the cases listed have been released to SRI, or are listed in another open registry.

Dec 2007 ~ Siberian HCM Pedigree Analysis
Information on ancestral lines that may have introduced HCM into the Siberian breed was added to the SRI website.

Dec 2007 ~ Siberian Research Fundraising 
A new organization was formed to accept donations for genetic studies of Siberian HCM.

Nov 2007 ~ Washington State University DNA Study
Dr. Kathryn Meurs granted funds from Winn Feline to studies genes causing Siberian HCM

July 2007 ~ UC Davis begins Allergy Study of Siberians.
Allergen test results by SRI members were correlated and submitted to the university for further studies.

July 2007 ~ Information on Siberian Polycystic Disease
Persian PKD discussion and ancestry was added to the SRI website.

Oct 2006 ~ Dr. Leslie Lyons Reviews Siberian HCM Study
Compiled ancestry and cardiology reports were submitted to Dr Leslie Lyons at UC Davis for formal review.

Feb 2005 ~ Siberian HCM Pedigree Studies Started
Reports and pedigrees were compared to prove that a genetic basis for HCM existed in the Siberian breed.

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