Siberian Research was founded in 2005 and intended to help breeders improve the health of the Siberian Cat, and provide information to Pet Owners and Breeders.  We ask that you read the Terms of Use and respect listed copyrighted images and pages.

From 2005 to 2010, we compiled information and studied the genetics surrounding the Siberian Cat. At the end of five years, we had met our original goals, and decided to make our information available to the public

Health and genetic records held by Siberian Research were compiled for Research Use Only, and released to Dr. Lyons and Dr. Katheryn Meurs. 

The primary goals of SRI were to:

  1. Increase breeder awareness of Siberian HCM.
  2. Understand what lines were impacted by genetic diseases.
  3. Create a standard to measure Fel d1 allergen levels in Siberians.
  4. Provide DNA for universities studying allergen and HCM issues.

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